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Three Love Questions Psychic Reading

Three Love Questions Psychic Reading

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Many people experience love problems and dilemmas. In times like that, it's a good idea to check energies with divination. Psychic gifts can reveal things you didn't know and can foresee what will happen next.


From having difficulties with your current relationship to seeking a soulmate to share happiness with, these are hard periods in life that need good guidance and understanding.  Heartbreaks can literally make your heartbreak, that's why is really important to know if your ex-partner still loves you, and maybe there is hope to restore the relationship.


The most popular love questions


  • Does he/she love me?
  • Will my love reach out?
  • Will we get back together?
  • Is he/she my soulmate/twinflame?
  • Will I get married?
  • How does my future spouse look?
  • How does he/she feel about me?


Three Love Questions


This is universal love reading that will focus on three love questions by your choice (except legal, health, or pregnancy questions – not allowed. List can be updated anytime). If you feel that your love life is at still point, you have relationship problems, you are lonely and single and you want to know when you will meet your person of interest – POI, you want to know if special someone has true feelings for you, or you have similar love dilemmas - this is a reading for you. In addition, if you have more than THREE questions, make TWO or more separate orders.


The Delivery


It will be sent in the form of text 📃, audio 🔊 or video 🎦 digital file (non-physical) via Youtube/Wetransfer private link 🔗. Files will be sent through chat or email. You will get instructions for downloading. Lejla Kristal's official mail is If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 


  • Required info

    ✵Your name & birthdate & birthplace
    ✵POI* name & birthdate & birthplace
    ✵Your sex & Orientation
    ✵Your relationship status
    ✵Reading type & tool
    ✵Your email
    ✵Three questions, one topic

    *POI - Person of interest

  • Reading Type & Format & Lenght

    Text Reading 📃 .pdf app. 1000 characters
    Audio Reading 🔊 .m4a, .mp3 app. 3-5 minutes
    Video Reading 🎦 .mov, .mp4 app. 3-5 minutes
  • Tool Options

    Divination 1 Tarot  🃏
    Divination 2 Crystal Ball 🔮
    Diviantion 3 Oracles 🪬


  • Process Time

    Delivery In 2 days



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